Welcome to Michelle Borth Web the newest Michelle Borth fansite. Michelle is American actress best known for her work in Tell Me You Love Me, Timer, and Hawaii Five-0. Next up for Michelle is the independent movie Teenage Cocktail.

Be sure to visit often as the site will be growing every day until it is the largest and most complete Michelle site on the web.
Michelle Borth



Welcome to Michelle Borth Web. I will do my best to a small update or two every day until the site is complete. Please email tera @ michelle-borth.com if you can help out with photos.

Hate/intolerance/harassment will be ignored so don’t even bother. I know some people don’t like her or the character she plays on Hawaii Five-0. I know what she did on Twitter. This is a site to focus on her career, not her personal life.

Friendly discussions and even debates are always welcome.

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